Conference Organisers

Dr Silvio Cesare

Director of Education - Cyber Security UNSW Canberra @ ADFA. InfoSect and BSides Canberra Cofounder. Reverse engineering and physical security.

Kylie McDevitt

Emerging Technology Researcher and Security Architect. Adjunct lecturer UNSW Canberra. Co-founder of BSides Canberra and co-owner of Canberra’s hackerspace - InfoSect. Networking Engineering and Security Architecture.

Conference Volunteers

Volunteer Twitter Bio Volunteered previously? Role
faz 2016, 2017 Head Regulator
Syn @syngularity0 2017 Regulator
Rezn0r @INFOSEC_MEME Professional report writer and tester of pens. Regularly thinks scope is a joke. 2017 Regulator
George Stewart @garbr0 I can't do infosec, so now I grow puppies 2016, 2017 Regulator
Wasabi @111a5ab1 Regulator
Guy @ratherbland Student, Teacher, Community Member and Information Security Enthusiast 2017 Regulator
Nick Sifniotis Software developer and cyber security researcher at ANU Regulator
Seb Passionately curious about the world. 2017 Regulator
charcol @charcol0x89 Regulator
Walski @chriswalski A IT Security professional based in Melbourne for a multinational telecommunications company. Always up for a chat and can give you hints to Canberra as I grown up here (Eats / Night Life / ETC). Bonus points my profile pic of me posing in front of a boat. Regulator
K2 Regulator
Jahla @jahlagato Interested and inquisitive party. Armchair philosopher. Professional cat herder. 2017 Regulator
MickyFinn @zeebaMickyFinn network/network security engineer Regulator
solarhobo Regulator
Tom Sear @tomsear Tom Sear is a PhD student in Cyber Security at UNSW Canberra @ The Australian Defence Force Academy. His PhD explores digital temporality, civil cyber forces and the warfare information space Regulator
Mark Regulator
Anaisel G Lopez de Garcia Anaisel Gabriela Lopez de Garcia is originally from Venezuela and has been living in Australia for the past five years. Anaisel have experience with analysing, designing, and implementing databases.
Anaisel has a Master degree in Information Technology and System at the University of Canberra and has worked in IT for over eight years.
Tim Bishop @Archbish0p Jack of all trades master of none.
Does pentesting for a living, makes a very good cup of tea.
dexie Regulator
NFP Regulator
Riley Regulator
Simon Victory @svict4 Young fullstack/CRM dev from sunny Queensland before taking the public service pledge (or plunge?) to be a Junior Enterprise Architect/Siebel coder. Knows lots of things Startup related, also know things about playing the violin. Regulator
Samara Regulator
Sam Walmsley / EssDubz @EssDubz 2016, 2017 Regulator
Chris Regulator
Cas Le Nevez Same as last year please 2017 Rego Staff
Colin Smith @yoloClin I do computers good sometimes 2017 Rego Staff
Jessnr @jessnr_ 2017 Rego Staff
Emily O'Rourke 2017 Rego Staff
Dani 2017 Rego Staff
Courtney Courtney is working on her cyber security credentials. She's super excited to be involved with BSides. Rego Staff
y011 @y011 Neal "y011" Wise is the director of Assurance, a boutique penetration testing company. 2016, 2017 Head Merch Guy
Fishy Merch Staff
Rachel Alger @algerachel I'm an ANU student studying computer science and linguistics, and a STEP intern at Google over the summer of 2017-2018. I'm really interested in outreach and learning!

Some things I do: Schools Manager for Robogals Canberra, Secretary for ANU CSSA, tutor for the Girls' Programming Network (Sydney and Canberra), tutor for the NCSS Challenge. Alumni of NCSS and Country to Canberra. Ask me about things!!
Merch Desk
Kane Merch Desk
Daniel Garcia Merch Desk
David Foley @dsofeir Chief Engineer @cohrdump, Linux and open-source diciple, food and beer enthusiast, #trekie Merch Desk
Village Hosts
Volunteer Twitter Bio Volunteered previously? Role
Topy Topy likes physical security. He's spent a lot of time over the past 6 years attending as many Aussie conferences as possible running lockpicking classes to introduce people to it. As a result, a vibrant community has been born and this has resulted in the birth of the OzSecCon conference down in Melbourne. In his spare time he likes leet hax, rock climbing and the HackHouse hackerspace. Locksport Village
Lana Locksport Village
Klepas Locksport Village
mof @canberra_mike i like cheese. [expansion forthcoming] Locksport Village
ec0 @devec0 Enthusiastic voider of warranties Hardware Village
Jamie Reid @jambulance Jamie is the vice-president of MakeHackVoid, a quadcopter enthusiast, linux & networks guy, and Eurorack module enthusiast. In between cautious observation of Paul's self-inflicted security adventures (Eg. QubesOS), Jamie is also a committed infosec noob attending various regional cons and meetups. 2017 Hardware Hacking Village
Paul Harvey @csirac2 Representing MakeHackVoid, a Canberra hackerspace. Software & hardware systems developer, troubleshooter, reverse engineer (of the "we made this but forget why it works" kind). Talk to me about anything open-source – especially operating systems, hypervisors, unikernels, embedded systems, software defined radio, web stuff. Chaotic lawful. 2016, 2017 Hardware Hacking Village
Nathan Le Nevez @nlenevez 2016, 2017 Packet Hacking Village
James Packet Hacking Village
David Roberts Packet Hacking Village
Pre-Con Helpers
Volunteer Twitter Bio Volunteered previously? Role
Petrina Olds Same as last year is applicable 2017 CFP
Matt Jones @volvent cfp 2016, 2017 CFP. CTF
itgrrl @itgrrl Professional infosec n00b. 2017 Packing Delegate Packs
Peter 2016, 2017 Packing Delegate Packs
wizzy @the_wizzy_ Just another guy. 2017 Daddy-duties