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Ionize is an Australian owned and operated information security company that delivers real security results to government, commercial and academic sectors. Our highly skilled and experienced team are dedicated to making a positive difference to our clients and our community. Learn more by visiting http://www.ionize.com.au/

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The telecommunications industry is experiencing enormous growth; network traffic is growing faster than any other period of time and digital technology is changing our world. Telstra is at the heart of this change—and they are helping make it happen by connecting everything to everyone. Learn more by visiting http://www.telstra.com.au/

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Datacom TSS

Datacom TSS is a specialist information security company founded by former Australian Government technical intelligence and security specialists.
Datacom TSS mitigates and minimises risks posed by sophisticated adversaries, be that state-sponsored actors, issue-motivated groups or rogue private contractors. In the Australian market, Datacom TSS' knowledge of the cyber threat landscape is unparalleled.
For more information please see http://www.datacomtss.com.au/

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SANS NetWars is a suite of hands-on, interactive learning scenarios that enable information security professionals to develop and master the real-world, in-depth skills they need to excel in their field. NetWars participants learn computer attacks and defences in an internet-based cyber range while working through various challenge levels, all hands-on, with a focus on mastering the skills information security professionals can use in their jobs every day. The first ever NetWars Tournament in Australia comes to Canberra this July!

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Elttam strives to provide simple, approachable and quality-driven IT security services to their customers. They are a dedicated team of security professionals with decades of experience. They believe that security should be customised and tailored to your needs. First they listen, then design and offer a solution that's right for you. The Elttam team contributes to the community by performing research and development - they regularly publish materials, present at industry events, organise security seminars and sit on program review committees of respected conferences. Visit https://www.elttam.com.au/

Tenable Network Security

Founded in 2002, Tenable Network Security provides continuous network monitoring to identify vulnerabilities, reduce risk and ensure compliance. Tenable’s key clients include Fortune Global 500 companies across industries as well as the entire U.S. Department of Defense and many of the world’s leading governments. For more information please see http://www.tenable.com/


Assurance is a specialist consultancy based in Melbourne, Australia.
Assurance provides the following services:
  • Penetration testing (ethical hacking), security reviews, compliance and audit services including high-value / critical infrastructure
  • The design, installation and management of secure mobility / wireless solutions
  • Linux, UNIX-like systems, network and security advice and consulting


HackLabs is a Security Consulting Company specialising in Penetration Testing. We perform testing for our clients who are from all around the world. Find out more at https://www.hacklabs.com/

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N4RC provides simple PKI provision and management, secure certificate authority control and automated PKI refreshment. For more information go to http://www.n4rc.com.au/

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Alcorn Group

Alcorn Group is a leading security consultancy uniquely positioned to provide trusted, agile and responsive services. Alcorn Group pioneers a new dynamic service model that is responsive to the agile demands and rapid pace of today’s business realities.