Conference Schedule


9.00am Opening Ceremony
9.10am Keynote - "Quantum is Coming…" - Elanor Huntington
10.00am Break
10.15am "Abuse of trust - Exploiting our relationship with public repositories" - PatH
10.45am "Coring Apple WiFi" - Steve Glass
11.45am "Deobfuscating JavaScript malware" - Adrian Herrera
12.15pm Lunch
1.15pm "Kubernetes Security" - Ben Cambourne
2.15pm "JWAT.... Attacking JSON Web Tokens" - Louis
3.15pm "Does Formal Verification Really Lead to Better Security?" - Ihor Kuz
3.45pm Break
4.00pm "Binary Patching - Making the Switch" - Pete Rankin
5.00pm "The fresh smell of ransom coffee" - Martin Hron
5.30pm Day 1 close

6.30pm - Please join us for the Friday Night Party!!


9.00am Welcome to Day 2
9.10am Keynote - "What's in a Jailbreak? Hacking the iPhone: 2014 -> 2019" - Mark Dowd
10.00am Break
10.15am "SSH, so hot right now. Profiling it with HASSH" - Ben Reardon & Adel Karimi
10.45am "IoT and the Future of Pentesting" - Jeremy Goldstein
11.45am "Apathy and Arsenic: a Victorian Era lesson on fighting the surveillance state" - Attacus
12.15pm Lunch
1.15pm "Wi-Bear: Intelligent Autonomous Wi-Fi Honeypot Detection" - Vivek Ramachandran
2.15pm "windows kernel fuzzing" - gimlu
3.15pm "Sample 78: Deconstruction Of A Linux Adversarial Toolkit" - Christian Giuffre
3.45pm Break
4.00pm "Source code security audit speed run" - Eldar Marussen
5.00pm Closing Ceremony

6.30pm - Please join us for the Saturday Night Party!!