Assistance Program

In the first 3 years, BSides Canberra supported Hackers Helping Hackers with free tickets and assistance on the board, however we were really sad to see this great initiative disappear. Because of this, we've decided to run our own assistance program for BSides Canberra 2020.

What is provided?

We are offering two tiers of support for BSides Canberra attendence, the number of each is dependent on generousity of sponsors and funding avaiable to the conference organisers to spend.
Tier LevelDetails# Avail
Tier 1 Flights to and from Canberra, 3 nights accomodation & entry to BSides Canberra 3
Tier 2Entry to BSides Canberra4
Tier 2FEntry to BSides Canberra for delegates identifying as female7

Who can apply?

The Assistance programme is open to applications from those meeting the following criteria:
  1. Facing financial contraints that would make attendance unachievable
  2. Based in Australia or New Zealand
  3. Over 18 years old
Please apply here. Applications close 15th Feb 2020.

The 2020 Assistance sponsors include:
  • BSides Canberra is sponsoring 3 x tickets, hotel & flights
  • ASD staff raised money for seven tickets for delegates identifying as female
  • BSides Canberra is sponsoring 4 tickets for WACTF prizes
  • Anon donated $200
  • Iain/@wan0net donated $200
  • $1235 received from: Kirk, Shanon, Sash, N/A, Petra, Sean, Lee, Jessica, James, Michael, Christopher, Samuel, Nathan, Tim, Jeremy, David, Nathan, Harry, Angus, Andrew, Ben, Ben, William
You can donate to this program through the ticket sales: here. Alternatively, if you need more details or have questions, please email [email protected] <