Dr Silvio "The Doctor" Cesare

Conference Organiser/CFP Chair

Director of Education - Cyber Security UNSW Canberra @ ADFA. InfoSect and BSides Canberra Cofounder. Reverse engineering and physical security.


Conference Organiser/Infrastructure

Emerging Technology Researcher and Security Architect. Adjunct lecturer UNSW Canberra. Co-founder of BSides Canberra and co-owner of Canberra’s hackerspace - InfoSect. Networking Engineering and Security Architecture.

Paul Harvey

Hardware Hacking Village Host

Paul is a member of MakeHackVoid (a Canberra hackerspace) where he helps others make stuff, hack things, and void warranties. In between being a software engineering minion concerned with appsec/system hardening adventures, Paul does a bit of SDR & amateur radio, plays with linked data, and writes lame hello world apps in OCaml/Haskell (because unikernels).


Geek Girls Dinner/Hardware Hacking Village Host

Heidi is a sec n00b. Sometimes a potato, but otherwise learning, building and breaking things. Possibly Batman.

Jamie Reid

Hardware Hacking Village Host

Jamie is the president of MakeHackVoid, a quadcopter enthusiast, linux & networks guy, and Eurorack module enthusiast. In between cautious observation of Paul's self-inflicted security adventures (Eg. QubesOS), Jamie is also a commited infosec noob attending various regional cons and meetups.

Pete Fillmore

HHV & hardware badge designer

Pete is best known for walking around with random electronics around his neck. He is responsible for the ruxcon, kiwicon and ducksec electronic badges as well as some really interesting research which he has presented at numerous conferences.


Workshop & Contest Space Host

Faz has spoken at a number of hackercons including Ruxcon, Wahckon and Kiwicon. By day Faz is a security consultant & Penetration tester. By night, he likes to break, build and learn things, with radios & hardware being his latest field of fun.


Workshop & Contest Space Host

@itgrrl infosec n00b


Graphics & Merch Desk Staff

Neal is the Director of Assurance, a premier Australian Pentesting company. He has worked in the Infosec Industry possibly since its inception. His specialties include wireless & mobility security; security review services (penetration testing, review & audit); multi-user systems (UNIX / UNIX-alike systems, VMS, etc). Neal is famous for having the most awesome company t-shirts at hacker conferences. If you can score an Assurance t-shirt you are winning.


Merch Desk Staff

Emily O'Rourke

Rego Desk


Rego Desk


Rego Desk

Cas has spent a lot of time talking geek with other tech nerds, she's also a newbie web geek, always learning, and loves reading and writing.


Rego Desk


Lockpicking & Tamperproof

Topy has run Lockpicking at several Australian conferences previously. Living in a warehouse dubbed "the Hack House" he disappears for days at a time lost amongst piles of computers cables and locks. Topy has lived and breathed the security industry for the past 15 years and loved it all. Topy is keen to help with lockpicking at any event, if interested, either speak to him at the con or email BSides Canberra.


Lockpicking & Tamperproof

German geek, web designer/dev and typ­ophile. Studied gender, philosophy and ethics. FOSS advocate, open- gov • data • culture • software • security • Nietzsche.


After Party Entertainment

Wily is probably one of the most well-known, recognised people of the Australian hacker scene having helped at several conferences across Australia. By day, he performs specialised penetration testing, as well as consulting on security, architecture and solutions for a wide range of clients including critical infrastructure, government, and finance.


CTF network

James is that guy who always steps up when something isn't working. Having occupied a range of roles from his early career on systems and network support, James is also an experienced software engineer, systems designer and (electronics) engineer. Now he focuses his efforts towards solutions architecture, cyber security, policy and compliance management.


Door Staff


Door Staff


Door Staff


Door Staff

Jessie is passionate about all things computing. She studied programming and networking at University of Wollongong and has been working as a web developer for four years in the public service.